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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We're down to a little under two weeks until go time, and things are kicking into overdrive. Right now I am splitting my time between rehearsal, promoting the show, and the Clark Kent job, and getting a little sleep in there when I can. In case you haven't noticed, we have a new header at the top of the blog as well as a classy new logo. I like them both, a lot. When I look at them, they say "Hey I'm a hip new theatre company; watch me, buy tickets to see my shows, and donate to me". I think it's the door. The door says it all. Once again, we owe these wonderments of design to the graphic prowess of Chelsea Aldrich. It's a lot better that the GIS and MS Paint hack job I did originally.

We finally got our posters and postcards in, and will be papering the town in the following days. If anyone wants some promo materials or know of a place we should put them, then by all means, holla. Also, if anyone out there would like to volunteer, we could use ushers and ticket takers, and people to dance for our entertainment during the tech-in. Volunteers will receive a free, prison-style, amateur tattoo from Will Morgan, as well as a monster taco. Please, keep getting the word out, and come see Mud. Everything's coming up Doorman!

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