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Dream Date - a short play, & Reach For The Starrs - a short film

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Reach For The Stars" 'bout to get raw like a monkey knife fight

Whatitdo, holmes? We know all of y'all are getting hype for our short play at the Houston Fringe Fest, Dream Date. But you know we're presenting a short film too, right? You're probably thinking "Hey, these kids are a theatre company. Why for are they doing a film?" Well, first of all you have terrible grammar. Secondly, we aren't just a theatre; we're an actor's lab, son! We have just entered phase two of Doorman's rise as a multi-national entertainment powerhouse. Come witness the awesome. Here's the quick scoop on the soon to be modern classic, Reach For The Stars, as told to Emily J. Hynds of The Houston Fringe Festival:

(from the website)

Show Feature: “Reach For The Stars”

May 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Participants, Shows

Hey Fringe Breads,

This year’s Short Film Showcase will include “Reach For The Stars,” presented by Doorman Actors Lab and HTX Media Production in association with Pen15 Productions.

It stars Houston’s hottest up and coming talent, The Lovely Lydia Lara, fresh off of a whirlwind trip around Mexico where she interviewed locals, experienced the regional cultural traditions, and communed with the spirits of the Aztec empire…all in preparation for this role.

“Reach For The Stars” also reunites two of Houston’s most infamous actors, Will Morgan and Salvador Chevez (infamous El Guapo style). When clashes of this magnitude occur between two titans of celluloid, you can be sure that someone in the audience will wind up pregnant.

Lydia and Will run producing theatre company Doorman Actors Lab. They’ve even got a play in the Festival too!

The film is produced by international fugitive Jo Hamna, who was recently freed from protective custody specifically to see this film completed.

“Reach For The Stars” is the directorial debut of Nathan Beattie. Nathan just completed his degree in film with a minor in droppin’ mofos who get in his face. Nathan is an active member of the international, clandestine organization known as Pen15 and heads up their media wing. He’s also the love child of Martin Scorsese and Leni Riefenstahl.

“Reach For The Stars” (or RFTS to the fanboys) was written by William Louis Jinajosa, whose mystery is only exceeded by his charm and edited by Dennis Perez. Dennis is cool.

Also appearing are Robbie, Mike and Edie, Sandi and Russell, Bear, Nozomi, and Simple Justin. Each one has a fascinating story that we could not be bothered to learn.

In this film, the “definitive narrative of our generation,” a looming financial crisis forces a man to face the demons of his past in order to achieve his once dormant dream. But first he must convince his loving, yet put-upon wife to forgive his past and stand by his side. Will he save his marriage and achieve his dream? Or will the failings of the past be the present and forever haunt his future? The only way to know for sure is to reach for the stars.

According to star (El Guapo-style) Will Morgan, the film “approaches the commonality of the subject from an outsider’s view, appropriating the ethos of the current indie cinematic conventions of the intimate domestic drama told through the prism of the mumblecore sub-genre; by doing so it forces a critical re-evaluation of every choice we have made in our lives… and, with absolutely no hyperbole, this film is the first step toward world peace.”

Wow, sounds like a good time!

Don’t miss Doorman Actors Lab’s “Reach for the Stars” as part of the Short Film Showcase at the Houston Fringe Festival!

8:00pm, Wednesday, May 19 @ Dean’s Credit Clothing Montrose
8:00pm, Thursday, May 20 @
Dean’s Credit Clothing Montrose
8:00pm, Sunday, May 23 @
Dean’s Credit Clothing Montrose

Monday, May 10, 2010

New shows, son!

Greetings Doormanskateers! It's been a while. We hope that you all have had enough time to recovery from our last show and are ready to hop back on that Doorman train, because we're all up in your face with not one, but two shows at the Houston Fringe Festival! First up is Dream Date, a short play written by Doorman's homey, Osvaldo Esparza. It can be seen at 8:00pm, Thursday May 20, 5:00pm, Saturday May 22, 5:00pm Sunday, May 23 Obsidian Art Space. Our other offering is Doorman's first foray into film. It is a short written by our own Will Morgan, titled Reach For The Starrs. It can be seen Wednesday May 19th, Thursday May 20th, and Sunday May 23rd. All film showings are at 8:00pm at Dean's Credit Clothing Montrose. Go to the Fringe website for the full schedule, and to read up on all the shows.