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Dream Date - a short play, & Reach For The Starrs - a short film

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello and welcome to the blog for Doorman Actors Lab! This will serve as the information hub for all things Doorman related.

Doorman Actors Lab is (for now) Lydia Lara and Will Morgan. We are dedicated to providing a place for local actors to practice their craft in roles they may not be considered for elsewhere. We will provide venues, directors, and scripts to serve the actor and offer a safe laboratory in which to test themselves. We wish to produce modern classics, new works and a myriad of performance styles to expanding the dialogue between the audience and the performer. We wish to challenge the audience's expectations regarding race, gender, and social status as it relates to the characters and the play. We will produce comedy and tragedy and twist them until they are one and the same. Doorman Actors Lab will subvert the theatrical establishment as we build a new tradition. But first we need to produce a show...

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