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Dream Date - a short play, & Reach For The Starrs - a short film

Monday, May 10, 2010

New shows, son!

Greetings Doormanskateers! It's been a while. We hope that you all have had enough time to recovery from our last show and are ready to hop back on that Doorman train, because we're all up in your face with not one, but two shows at the Houston Fringe Festival! First up is Dream Date, a short play written by Doorman's homey, Osvaldo Esparza. It can be seen at 8:00pm, Thursday May 20, 5:00pm, Saturday May 22, 5:00pm Sunday, May 23 Obsidian Art Space. Our other offering is Doorman's first foray into film. It is a short written by our own Will Morgan, titled Reach For The Starrs. It can be seen Wednesday May 19th, Thursday May 20th, and Sunday May 23rd. All film showings are at 8:00pm at Dean's Credit Clothing Montrose. Go to the Fringe website for the full schedule, and to read up on all the shows.

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